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We found aera first and it was our first foray into smart home diffusers. Breathe in wellbeing, morning to night.

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The aera diffuser offers top of the line technology and an easy to use scent capsule oil portal making it simple for consumers to keep their home smelling fresh and clean all day long.


Aera for home diffuser. Aromatech aromini aera may offer one of the best smart home diffusers, but it’s not the only one. The aera diffuser comes packaged beautifully, which is important only because it makes a great gift. Aera smart home fragrance diffuser vs.

Home fragrance that's perfectly noticeable, perfectly consistent & perfectly simple. The biggest difference is the price! Why is my fragrance capsule moving up and down?

This aera diffuser review will take a look at a couple of their bestsellers down below. Aera costs $200 for the smart version. The smart diffuser runs $200 and the touch diffuser runs $150.

This sounds quite pricey, but it is an initial investment because the fragrances last for 800 hours each. Aera is completely transparent about the ingredients in their fragrances. The aera diffuser uses their own.

The ten led lights arranged in an arc on the top of the aera diffuser indicate the scent setting. Our full day of wellbeing bundle provides a revolutionary and exquisite scent experience, filling your space with our 100% natural blends, derived from an inexhaustible variety of plants and flowers sourced from the wildest and most remote places. These heady refills are not to be confused with your average plug in freshener, or to be used in an oil burner.

Smarts meet style in the aera diffuser. Our full day of wellbeing bundle provides a revolutionary and exquisite scent experience, filling your space with our 100% natural blends, derived from an inexhaustible variety of plants and flowers sourced from the wildest and most remote places. You have to purchase your fragrances for an additional $55 each.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for aera smart fragrance electric diffuser, app controlled home fragrance, scent capsules sold separately at On orders up to on orders over. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Aera touch 3.0 diffuser for essential oils and home fragrances, home deodorizing system, adjustable to any living space, works exclusively with aera capsules (capsules not included, manual interface) 3.9 out of 5 stars. You can find complete ingredient lists for each capsule right here. If you want to dive deep into the differences, we wrote a whole review on aera vs.

Aera's scenting coverage is not meeting my expectations. Here is the biggest difference between aera and pura. This sleek, tabletop air diffuser, which provides 800 hours of scenting between refills, presents owners with options galore.

Breathe in wellbeing, morning to night. How do i reset my aera smart diffuser? Aera diffusers are awesome because you can control them from the app on your phone, or set them on a schedule.

I’ve set my bedroom aera on a schedule to start in the morning when i wake up (i can’t tell you how nice this is to be gently woken up with a peaceful scent!) and run for an hour before turning off. What do the blinking lights on my diffuser mean? The starter set includes one aera diffuser and a fragrance capsule of the consumers’ choice.

Why isn't my diffuser emitting continuous fragrance? An automatic interior perfume diffuser is today able to eliminate odors, but also to improve the mood of those living in the house. Aera and the perfume diffuser for interior smart

I have it stop just a bit after my bed time, and again, it’s a total treat to not have to crawl out of bed and blow out a candle or shut something. It’s the perfectly welcome comforting bedtime ritual that has all the comfort of a candle or diffuser, but is totally mindless because you set it and don’t even think about it on a daily basis. Once the fragrance capsule is in the diffuser, you may adjust the scent level to match the room size, air flow, and your preferences.

Today we want to present a very special interior perfume diffuser, produced by aera, and that represents the perfect detail for a smart home. In order for them to work, customers must purchase an aera home fragrance machine. The aera diffuser perfect scent.

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